I'm generating a html form with php and a MySQL database.
My code generates a varying number of checkboxes depending on the number of
'options' in my database. The name of the checkbox is set to the -id- of the
'option' in my database. When the generated form is posted I want to show a
page showing a overview of the 'options' checked. But how do I check if that
varying number of checkboxes is 'checked' ??

db connect and query, result of query is placed in: $result .............

    print("<form method=\"post\" action=\"formhandler.php\">");
    print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"$optionID\">

But how can I get this 'unknown' number of checkboxes in my next page and
evaluate if they are checked so I can leave out the unchecked ones in my

Who can help me with this problem?!

H. de Visser

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