Made an error in the first script (forgot to update one field)... find
the correction below...

I've been working on some of the bugs for ODBC in the bugs db, mainly
those dealing with Windows and ODBC. 

One of the common bugs seems to be using odbc_prepare() and
odbc_execute() in conjuction with each other.  I was hoping someone
might be able to do an ODBC test case for me, on something other than
Microsoft Access (which is all I have MS wise).  

Two tables should be created, odbcetest1 and odbctest2.  Any writes in
this script to odbctest1 should fail, but I believe odbctest2 should
work fine.  If anyone can send me some results confirming or denying my
theory, they would be appriciated.  :)


// this is just a quick and dirty proof of concept script

// please setup this script to connect to your database
$conn = odbc_connect("phptest","","");
if (!$conn)
        print "Error in connecting<BR>\n";

odbc_exec($conn,"DROP TABLE odbctest1"); 
odbc_exec($conn,"CREATE TABLE odbctest1 (id INT, firstname CHAR(24),
lastname CHAR(24))");    
odbc_exec($conn,"DROP TABLE odbctest2"); 
odbc_exec($conn,"CREATE TABLE odbctest2 (id CHAR(2), firstname CHAR(24),
lastname CHAR(24))");    
odbc_exec($conn,"INSERT INTO odbctest1 (id,firstname,lastname) VALUES
odbc_exec($conn,"INSERT INTO odbctest2 (id,firstname,lastname) VALUES

$stmt1 = odbc_prepare($conn,"INSERT INTO odbctest1
(id,firstname,lastname) VALUES (?,?,?)");
if ($stmt1) {
        print "Trying execute stat1<br>";
        $stmt1 = odbc_execute($stmt1,array(1,"This","Fails"));

$stmt2 = odbc_prepare($conn,"INSERT INTO odbctest2
(id,firstname,lastname) VALUES (?,?,?)");
if ($stmt2) {
        print "Trying execute stat2<br>";
        $stmt2 = odbc_execute($stmt2,array("1","This","Works"));

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