Hm.  Assuming that I don't have the option of rewriting the function to a 
procedure, is there another way to go?

At 10:54 PM 3/7/01 +0100, Matthias Kopolt wrote:
>Oracle Divides Function in several Groups
>DML means Data-Manipulating function;
>(in your funciton is a update or insert)
>to use a function in a query it needs to be "pure" only selects and
>you can rewrite this function to a procedure and return your value as an out
>         $stmt = ociparse($dbh,"BEGIN p_foo_procedure('param_in',:1);END;" );
>         OCIBindByName   ($stmt,":1",&$outparam,40);
>         ociexecute      ($stmt);
>         OCIfreestatement($stmt);
>40 is the buffer in chars/bytes (addjust if needed)
>the procedure needs to declare the second argument as in and can declare the
>second one as "out" or "in out"

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