Environment: Two servers, which another has Windows 2000 Server and another
one runs Linux. Both of them has PHP (IIS/Apache) and MySQL installed. They
seemingly share configuration and they have exactly the same database
structure, data and PHP scripts as well.

This combination works in following cases:

- Linux PHP application uses Windows's MySQL database

- Windows PHP application uses Windows's MySQL database

- Linux MySQL client software uses Windows's MySQL database

- Windows MySQL client software uses Linux's MySQL database

- Either computer's MySQL client software uses MySQL database on the same

However, if PHP application on either server tries to use MySQL database on
the Linux server, it doesn't work. Symptom is quite strange: MySQL
connection is established normally, but any simple query fails to run (there
is no error, but it returns no result set).

I've run all the tests on same user account and this situation is the only
one that fails. MySQL version is 3.23.33 and PHP version 4.0.4pl1. Any

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