I enjoyed FAST AND EASY PHP by Julie Meloni [ www.thickbook.com ] and the
PHP4 BIBLE [ www.troutworks.com/phpbook ]  has served as a good reference.
I am new so these are the only two i've read.  I just picked up SAMS Teach
Yourself SQL in 10 minutes. I know I have heard the books are crap, but i
needed a quick references [ tiny little $13 book ] antoher great book is
HTML 4: No Experience required by Sybex Books.


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> I am also very knew at PHP/MySQL and have been busy populating my MySQL
databases with tables (phpMyAdmin is a snap-LOL!). I am currently reading 3
different books on PHP, which also discuss use of MySQL as the back end:
Essential PHP (Julie Meloni), Beginning PHP (Wrox), and Essential PHP for
Web Professionals (Christopher Cosentino). I also bought a book
appropriately titled MySQL by Paul DuBois as additional reference for the
back end. Dont forget the web: There are also tutorials on the web that may
help also.
> Steph

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