mysql doesn't support sub-queries unfortunately =(

At 10:22 PM 3/8/01 -0500, Michael Gerholdt wrote:
>Hi, folks,
>Can someone insight me regarding this?
>I have a datetime field in mySQL (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) called event_time
>I want to pull records hitting against this field with the idea:
>where the abbreviated month from this field LIKE '$month'
>and here's the SQL string I've been playing with. It works when I comment
>out the line that tries to do the above with a subquery.
>$strSQL = "SELECT DATE_FORMAT(event_time, '%M %e %Y, %l:%i %p'), bandname,
>image ";
>$strSQL .= "FROM doings, styles ";
>$strSQL .= "WHERE style = musicstyle ";
>$strSQL .= "AND bandname LIKE '$artist' ";
>$strSQL .= "AND style LIKE '$style' ";
>$strSQL .= "AND (SELECT DATE_FORMAT(event_time, '%b') FROM doings) LIKE
>'$month' ";
>$strSQL .= "ORDER BY event_time";
>echo "$strSQL<BR>";
>$month will be carrying the three-character short version of the alpha month
>I don't think it likes my subquery, though I like it just fine.
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