I'm running apache 1.3.14+Ben-SSL/1.42 and php-4.0.4pl1 on
a RedHat 6.1 linux box.

I'm in trouble trying to authenticate users via mod_auth_dbm.

Which DBA format should I use to generate user databases?
I've tried with:

1) dba and gdbm format
2) dba and ndbm format
3) dba and db2 format

I always read:

... [error] [client] (22)Invalid argument: could not
    open dbm auth file: /www/auth/passwd_db

in apache logs. I've also tried with older deprecated dbm functions
but the result is still the same.

I guess the problem is that apache uses the "dbm" format. I've tried
to build php whith the option:


but I always get this error:

    configure: error: cannot find necessary header file(s)

What shoul'd I do to compile this "dmb" support into php4 ?
I've always thought that "dbm" was provided by "gdbm" but ...

Gabriele Carioli

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