Untitled Documentthis is what i'm using to try and connect:-

$DB_SERVER="localhost";      // Database Server machine
$DB_LOGIN="web";              // Database login 
$DB_PASSWORD="webpassword";       // Database password

// Connect to the Database

if (!($link=mysql_pconnect($DB_SERVER, $DB_LOGIN, $DB_PASSWORD))) {
   DisplayErrMsg(sprintf("error connecting to host %s, by user %s",
                             $DB_SERVER, $DB_LOGIN));

My guess would be the host for mysql is not set correctly.  Try removing the
http:// stuff from you host variable.

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---> Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2001 3:13 PM
---> Subject: [PHP-DB] Common causes of the following error ??
---> Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't create TCP/IP socket (10091)
---> i keep getting this error with some of my pages and cannot
---> work out why, can anyone give me a list of common causes of
---> this error so i can try and work out whats going worng ???

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