hi Brian,

I'm curious to know whether or not you are using persistent 
connections from Oracle.

And do your problems disappear if you restart the Oracle db?

We are having some problems with to many sessions being created with 
persistent connections and we think there are a couple of parameters 

1) no of connections allowed in apache. (this could explain why SSL 
id different to NON-SSL connections)

2) no of sessions an oracle user is allowed to create.

3) How many connections we provide in the oracle listener connection pool.

Steve Farmer

At 1:41 PM -0600 9/3/01, Brian.J.Mauter wrote:
>I am running an Apache 1.3.19 server with mod_ssl, PHP 4.0.4pl1, and
>Oracle 8.1.6.
>Oracle is only installed so that we could compile PHP --with-oci8.  When I
>originally got everything going, it worked well.
>After about two weeks, PHP works fine, Apache works fine, but when I try
>to logon to the Oracle database (via TCP), I get an ORA-03106 error on the
>OCISessionBegin statement.  I can write another php page logging into the
>database and everything seems to work fine.
>If I go to another server setup exactly the same as the first, the same
>script will work just fine.  After about two weeks, the script runs great
>via https, but not plain http.  It's really fast with https.
>You're welcome to see what I'm talking about with:
>If anyone has had similar problems, please let me know.  I have no idea
>what is going on.
>Thanks in advance,
>Brian Mauter
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