I would recommend this too.  Also to make it easier, instead of giving the
updating person FTP access to upload tha images, I used an Upload page using
PHP to a certain images directory on the web server and all PHP links then
are pointed to this directory so all img links look something like this
<IMG SRC="pics/<? $image_name_variable ?>">
I am very much a beginner and was delighted to get this working
I used a variation off the following site
I wish you well
All the Best

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Depending on the number of images you wish to insert into the database, 
you might wish to opt for the path to the image to be stored not the 
image itself.

<img src="pathtoimage.gif" border="0"> 

Then use some sort of loop (I use a for loop) to go through the table 
data (of paths-to-images) and display them dependent on whatever 
criteria it is you are using.

HTH :)


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