I apologise in advance but it may be a quick one.  I have set up Apache, PHP
and MySQL on my Home PC on Windows 98 believe it or not, on an old machine.
Don't ask why!!!
Anyhow to my surprise, as I am a beginner, it all installed quite smoothly
and I am delighted with my efforts and of course the products.
However - I can not seem to get the HTML #INCLUDE 's working in the
httpd.conf configuration file.
I assume all of you have set this up at some time and may be able to help
I have read all the instructions and I was to get the PHP module installed
and talking to it but not the simple html.  I want the web server to parse
ALL .html files not just .shtml
Can someone please help and send me a httpd.conf file or point me in the
right direction.  On my ISP I had to change the .htaccess file but
apparently Apache has done away with this and put all config stuff in one
file httpd.conf
Thanks in advance

Lisa Rubanowicz 
Case ITC, 
Navan, Ireland 
Tel: #353 (0)46 77663



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