Hello all, I'm an ASP centric webdeveloper moving to Linux and have made
the first fwe baby steps in that direction.
        While I have a Linux server configure with Apache, PHP4 & mySQL, I have
need to use PHP4 under IIS 5.0 using an existing MSSQL 2000 db.
        Now I've downloaded the Binary of PHP4 for Windows and installed it fine.
Everything works it goes great under IIS. Kudos to the developers.
        My problem is conflicting documentation: One bit says that the mssql7.dll
is no longer needed as it is built-in to the binary. Ohters say it isn't so.
        What I'd like is someone to point me to a good resource with a good example
of database connection via ODBC, and via the native SQL drivers.
        Thanks in advance.

        James Q. Stansfield

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