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Tuesday, 13 March 2001, you wrote:

SK> I fairly new to php and have a question about mysql and arrays.

SK> What I am trying to do is pull multiple rows of data out of a mysql database 
SK> and I need to use that data as input for another table.  I have tried to use 
SK> mysql_fetch_array and have it write to the new table inside a while loop, but 
SK> it only enters the first row of data into the new database.

SK> I have also tried to create an array from the data and use that with a 
SK> foreach loop to input into a new database. Any suggestions on how to do this 
SK> properly?

Well, the following code outputs the contents of a mysql table to an
html table. It's not too hard to adapt it to what you want...



  mysql_select_db('yourdb'); // Change to the target database
  $customers = mysql_query("select * from customers");


<h1>List of customers currently saved in the database</h1>

Rows retrieved: <? echo mysql_num_rows($customers) . "\n"; ?>

<table border=1>
  while ($customer = mysql_fetch_row($customers)) // Loop through all rows returned
    echo "  <tr>\n";
    while ($field = each($customer)) //Loop through all the fields in this row
      print "    <td><i>" . current($field) . "</i></td>\n";
    echo "  </tr>\n";


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