>>hey all.. 
>>I really don't get why I am getting this error.. Can somebody help me
>>out? what does a parse error mean?
>>Parse error: parse error in /home/httpd/html/test/php-test/CVzenden.php
>>on line 35
>>"SYSDBA", "masterkey"); 
>>if (!$conn) { 
>>      echo "Accesso Denied! $back";
>>      exit; 
>>      } 
>>$query="insert into PERSOON values 
>>  if (!$result) {
>>     echo "Error. Can't insert the record with the query: $query!
>>     $back"; 
>>     exit; 
>>     }
>> echo "<br><br>Record saved: $name $back";
>> ibase_close($conn); ?>
You forgot to tell Interbase into which fields te values should be inserted.
Example: $query="insert into PERSOON(roepnaam,achternaam) 

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