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>I'm putting together a db with articles in it. Would it be better to have two
>tables with the main text of the articles in it linked to a main article
>table or just chuck it all in together in one table.
>I want to be able to do a full text search on the articles.

You cannot index "TEXT" fields in MySQL so doing a full text search is slow 
if you have any amount of data in your database (it needs to search every 
record for every search).  The way I normally handle this is to create a 
second table of "words" which includes every word in a given article (that 
isn't in a stop word list) along with the original article ID so that I can 
index the strings.  This makes a search very quick but adds the expense of 
disk space and slows the adding of data initially. You will have to decide 
whether in your case it matters.  If you have little data then no big 
whoop.  If you have lots of data then you need to look at different method 
of searching.



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