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>First, I would NOT store passwords in a database.  Rather, I'd store a hash
>based upon the password and username.  Storing a password is dangerous as
>regards security.

Just to be a little picky and *not* to start an argument (discussion yes), 
this really depends on the application don't you think?   If you are not 
using a secure web server and you are not doing anything particularly 
sensitive, I do not see a problem with plain text passwords.  Hashing them 
means you have to come up with alternative system for dealing with lost 
passwords which is probably just as likely to be a problem as having plain 
text passwords in the first place.  If you are not using a secure server 
you are still transmitting plain text values over the net so at best this 
seems a false sense of security.

If this is an e-commerce setup then I agree, go for the "hash" but if it is 
just a little community site or something, is the loss of usability (i.e. 
easy password recovery) worth the hassle for users and admins?  I have been 
wrestling with this a lot lately and am still not convinced that for a 
simple application this is justified. Can you suggest a reason why I should 
rethink this?

>Finally, as far as a query:
>   SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE access <= $level;

Now this is just nitpicking but the above query could lead someone to 
create a security problem (since that is what we are concerned about 
here).  I think a better example would be something like:

$query=sprintf("SELECT table.cola,table.colb,table.colc FROM mytable WHERE 
access <= %d",$level);

This way, nothing can be slipped into the query via "$level".


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