I would like to put together a script that results similar to 's 
compare feature.  Basically if you are looking in an item category you can select 
check boxes for each item you would like to compare.  The results display like this;

                ITEM 1      ITEM 2      ITEM 3

So the problem for me in creating this is, how do you accomodate for sometimes 2 
items, and sometimes 3 or 4 being selected? It would be easy to show the table 
reversed (with fields at the top), but i like the way it is.  I have thought about it 
and wonder if something like this would work. (my code will be sloppy... but just to 
give an idea)

SELECT * FROM item_table WHERE item_ID = \"$item_ID\"

This would grab all of the records for the item ID's passed [which are passed from the 
We would also need to get the field names.  I will assume that we have these. And then 
we need to use a while loop to get all variables.  Now we need to display it. The 
following would go at the end of the while loop

/*  $item_1_1 indicates the property of item 1 that corresponds to field_1  Thus,
     $item_1_2 indicates the property of item 1 that corresponds to field_2   */

/*  Now here we put an if statement that counts the number of records that were 
displayed and doe something based on that number */

$comparison_table = "

I don't know! Now I am lost, please help me if you can.


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