Hi -- I was just trying to get a php script working that uses mysql. It keeps
barfing up "Access Denied!" on pconnect, even though the login works fine. 

I verified this both by checking the mysql log when the script runs (the login
succeeds, with no errors), and by checking the account with "mysql -u user
-ppassword dbname".

I'm using PHP 3.0.15, and mysql 3.23.32. I checked the PHP3 changelog & didn't
see anything about mysql after the 3.0.15 release.

Anyone have a clue?

Here's the mysql log of the mysql_pconnect() call:

010318  0:07:23       4 Connect    vphoto@localhost on test
                      4 Statistics
                      4 Change use vphoto@localhost on 
                      4 Init DB    test


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