Newbie here

I am running Apache/PHP/MySQL locally which emulates my server environment
online. I want to use it as a test environment.

I am running through Julie Meloni's 'PHP Fast & Easy...' and have run up
against a problem.

Using the mysql_connect statement in a php page:

$connection=mysql_connect("localhost", "threezero", "qwerty00") or die
("could not connect");

if ($connection) {
$msg = "success";

<title>MySQL Connection</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">

<? echo "$msg"; ?>


I get the following error returned in any browser:

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on
'localhost' (10061) in c:\program files\apache
group\apache\htdocs\threezero\phptests\dbstuff\db_connect.php on line 2
could not connect

This is returned after enetering the following into the 'mysql' database
using the MySQL monitor:

insert into user (host, user, password) values ('localhost', 'threezero',

Querying the table returns the inserted values in the table (the password
column being encrypted).

I am thinking that there are some potential configuration problems as the
php page works in my online server environment (pair networks)

Has anyone got an idea where I am going wrong and/or can point me in the
right direction?

Any help appreciated.

Matt Coyne

t  h  r  e  e  z  e  r  o     :       :      :

the mill, millstone lane, leicester, le1 5jn
e : [EMAIL PROTECTED] ::  m : 07747 845690
w : http://www.threezero.co.uk

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