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> Well from what I can tell php treats sybase and mssql the same.  Am I
> wrong on this, or how do I fix this?

That's correct...
>>> I have setp php/linux/mssql and everything works except the MS SQL 
>>> connection.  I don't get any errors returned to me, but it doesn't
>>> connect.  As far as I can tell it doesn't even try, but I can't tell
>>> at what point it is breaking.  I have used the freetds 0.51 libs to
>>> make this connection since I can't get the sybase libs.  Here is
>>> what I have installed
>>> php-4.0.4pl1
>>> apache_1.3.14
>>> freetds-0.51
>>> mysql-3.22.32  (connection to mysql works fine)
>>> On a remote site I have MS SQL server 2000 installed
>>> [ snip ]
>>> So I don't get an error until I try to select a db.  I run tcpdump
>>> at the same time just to make sure that it wasn't trying to connect
>>> to the remote server and there was no attempt to even make a
>>> connection.

Have you tried running a 'make check' in your FreeTDS directory to run
the library's self-tests?  I know I had to tweak a couple of things
before I got PHP to work with a MS SQL server, and most of them came in
the stages of getting FreeTDS working correctly before I even tried to
build it into PHP.

Is your SYBASE environment variable set correctly?  Have you
double-checked the sybase-related settings in your php.ini?  Are you
using the --enable-dbmfix flag for configure when building FreeTDS?  (If
so, have you made the appropriate changes in PHP's code or applied the
patches from the FreeTDS website?)

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