I've been trying to figure this out by looking through the code in
phpMyAdmin but I'm not getting very far.

What I want to do is dynamically generate a form where I get a table row
containing the field name in one cell and the input field in the next cell,
for example:

$DatabaseName = "FocusDynamics";
$TableName = "Items";

// open the table and get all field names, sizes, etc.,

// for each Field name, print something like:

PRINT "<tr>\n";
PRINT "<td>$FieldName</td>\n";
PRINT "<td><input type=\"text\" name=\"$FieldName\" value=\"$FieldValue\"
PRINT "</tr>";

How do I get all this info from the table?

Thanks for any help.

Martin E. Koss
M: 07946-706459

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