You can get an idea here of what I would like to do

So all information is displayed side by side, most of
the time used to help decide between 2 or 3 products
[bestbuy limits 10 selections in their comparison]

The array is the part I need help with. I am not sure
if what I had thought was the right track to pursue.

Thanks much,

--- Miles Thompson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> This isn't going to be the most helpful answer,
> because I'm wondering why 
> you'd want to do this in the first place.
> All you really have to do is create a new array from
> the existing result 
> set, transposing the columns.
> The number of elements in the array will be the
> number of car_ID's that are 
> returned, the number of rows in the array will equal
> the number of 
> attributes (columns) in the result set.
> Stepping through the result set and building the new
> array will be a rather 
> interesting exercise in nested loops as you will be
> repeatedly going 
> through the results set for each of ID, make, model,
> and color.
> After this array is built, then I'd worry about
> displaying it.
> Before that, however:
>      Is it so important that the order of display be
> rearranged? Really, 
> what's the difference?
>      What if 8 cars are returned instead of 3? What
> if 20? Your table will 
> blow out to the right, something users don't like.
>      How do you plan to have users select the cars
> they want more 
> information about?
> Only you can answer these, and maybe you have. In
> which case, good luck.
> Miles Thompson

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