What's the best way to deal with tree structures? Use the following setup in
a database as an example:

ID | Parent | Description
1 |        |   Colours
2 |    1   |  Red
3 |        |   Hello
4 |    1   |  Green
5 |     4  |  Light
6 |     4  |  Dark

This should be represented as:

1. Colours
4.   +--Green
6.       +--Dark
5.       +--Light
2.   +--Red
3. Hello

(ie, in tree structure and ordered alphabetically by 'descriptiu

What's the best way to select the data and render it in HTML?

I thought about going thru each element (of the whole table) at a time, and
making an array, dynamically adding bits of the tree together until the
whole tree has been grown ... but it seems a little bit complicated and slow
... is there anything that could be done [database]server-side which might
help me?

Or do other people have code snippets, ideas or anything which might help



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