I'm new to PHP and would appreciate any assistance in this query.

I am creating a search facility that searches on personal details
(measurements, age etc) and returns relevant records.

I have no problem so far in returning records based on measurements like
chest, waist etc. My problem is returning and searching an age value when
the records hold Date of Birth values.

Can someone point me in the right direction for info pertaining to getting
values (the age) based on a fixed date (the date of birth) and the date when
the record is searched (eg today's date).

The way my search works at the moment is like this:
1. Enter values, click go.
2. Return matche(s) with ID, Name, Surname.
3. Select individual.
4. Return all details based on ID.

I want to be able to search by age and also return the age in the 'details'
section (4)

Also, would anyone recommend books for PHP and MySQL. I have run through
Julie Meloni's PHP Fast and Easy (thanks Julie) and want to get in deeper.

Any help/pointers appreciated

Matt Coyne

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