It has been pointed out to me that there is an error.  I had failed to
include the two date fields in the select.  The actual scripting is.

The query

include ("inputs/connect.php");

|$plantavail = mysql_query("SELECT * date_format(online,'%d-%b-%Y') AS
date_format(offline,'%d-%b-%Y') )  AS logoff
boclair.members where status='heavy' order by type, size");

the while loop

while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($plantavail)) {
<td class=regno align=right>%s</td>
<td class=type align=center>%s</td>
<td><span class=size>%s<span></td>
<td><span class=drive>%s<span></td>
<td><span class=mfr>%s<span></td>
<td><span class=date>%s<span></td>
<td><span class=date>%s<span></td>
', $myrow['regno'], $myrow['type'], $myrow['size'],
$myrow['drive'], $myrow['mfr'], $myrow['logon'],


Tim Morris

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