At 26.03.2001 15:44, you wrote:
>I am doing a college project which involves using PHP scripts to update a 
>MySQL database. For demonstration purposes I would like the new updated 
>table in my Database to be shown each time it is updates without me having 
>to go to the command prompt window and type in select * from members; for 
>example! I will have the command window open for the demo.

Live display of a mysql table isn't possible AFAIK, but you could fake it 
scripting og programming on your preferred platform, just do a select * 
from somewhere
statement every second (<- put favorite interval there) and display it the 
way you
like it to be displayed...

PHP could do it, perhaps not the most effective solution, but certainly an easy
solution... use a persistant connection and HTTP-REFRESH or something, unless
you're dumping heavy work on the DB this should be fine, if we're talking 
time-critical and or high-load stuff here, you might wanna look at 

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