At 26.03.2001 22:21, you wrote:
>how bout something like this.
>You have 3 columns
>when you are paid, update TOTAL_HOURS to add UNPAID_HOURS and clear [delete,
>or set to zero] the UNPAID_HOURS column... LAST_PAID would be type =
>timestamp, or date.
>You could get pretty elaborate, and mySQL can do a TON of cool tricks with
>the numbers... depends what your uses may be. If you are using it to
>generate statements it may be worth more time than simply "keeping track"
>I picked up SAM'S learn SQL in 10 minutes. I really liked it, considering
>that I don't need to use a whole lot of mySQL functions, it's a wonderful
>little reference and I have learned some neat things real fast.  I
>understand that it is far from "complete" but i feel it is worth it for me
>[starting out]

I'd rather go for something like one field for date, one for hours worked, 
one for
paid and one for date paid, this way you could keep track of _when_ you worked
and didn't get paied, it's much easier and better in the long run than just 
the number of hours they owe you... (this way you could calculate number of
hours you work per week etc.).

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