I'm pleased to announce two initiatives at Great Bridge aimed at 
improving the integration of PostgreSQL and PHP, and some exciting stuff 
that we're doing as a company to get behind PHP more fully.

First, Great Bridge is partnering with Zend Technologies to include a 
fully-integrated installation of PHP in an upcoming Web developer's 
edition of Great Bridge PostgreSQL.  In addition to 
professionally-supported PHP (and other open source Web technologies), 
we'll also give our customers the chance to purchase Zend's value-added 
PHP tools (IDE, cache, encoder, and more...)  Zend  is a major 
contributor to the open source PHP effort, and we're very happy to be 
working with them.

Secondly, we're pleased to announce that three PHP core developers have 
joined the Great Bridge advisory committee- Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator 
of PHP; Thies Arntzen, an expert in PHP-database connectivity; and 
Sascha Schumann, PHP author and provider of high-performance webchat 
solutions.  Rasmus, Thies, and Sascha will work with us to help craft 
our Web developer products and services, including (of course) a fully 
optimized free download package.  We'll be putting some development 
energy into the PHP-Postgres interface, and look for other ways the two 
open source projects can help each other.

We're also very interested in hacker feedback as to what you'd like to 
see in a software and service package that revolves around the Web 
development "stack."  What kind of tools, building blocks, and 
applications would you like to see commercially supported?  Don't be shy 
- please email me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] with any suggestions.  I'll 
also be at ApacheCon in a few weeks if you'd like to get together in person.


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