Dear reader,
A newbie mysql/php-question here! I've filled a mysql-database with about 1600 
records. All these records contain items which
are on sale on a website. Every row contains an integer defining the category to which 
a item belongs.

At the left of the website there are buttons linked to a php-page which does a 
selection like this:
select * from PRODUCTS where SUBCODE = \"$SUBCODE\"

As you might have guessed, every button is a link in the form of:
<a href="products.php?SUBCODE=8"><img src="../button2.gif" border="0"></a>

This all works well, but now my questions!
Is it wise to make an index for the integer column? I assume it is because it's the 
row almost all queries are using in there where-statements. What kind of speed 
increase can I expect, will it increase the speed of query's if the workload goes to 
2000 queries a hour? What's the best way to make this index, how does it works.

I've read about the use of indexes in the mysql-manual and, but both 
are kind of short and don't tell what
you're doing exactly. Anybody of you have some pointers to good webresources about 

Yes, I know a long list of questions ;) I hope that some of you can give me a clue or 

With best regards,
Maarten Verheijen

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