I thought that it was good db design to have no repeating data in your db but 
to use a relationship instead?


On Tuesday 27 March 2001 14:42, you wrote:
> Jord,
> I don't see quite why you should want to use two tables, you can easily put
> all the information in one table and have one column which holds the
> filetype. There's (almost) no speed profit to put the information in
> several tables.
> Have fun,
> Maarten Verheijen
> >>> Jordan Elver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 27-03-01 13:37 >>>
> Hi,
> I want to keep filenames of different kinds of media(real sudio, qt, mp3)
> for articles in a db table. Would it be best to store each kind of media in
> a different table like one table for real audio, one for quicktime, one for
> mp3. Or, would it better to store them all in the same table but with
> another table telling me what kind of file it is?
> Like:
> media table
> --------------------
> id | name | filename | type_id
> media types
> --------------------
> type_id | name
> Any ideas folks?
> Cheers,
> Jord

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