> Say a person checks the 1, 5, and 9 check boxes and hits delete.
> How do I know in the myEditNews.php file that those particular boxes
> were checked??  When I figure this out, I will use a loop to delete
> the news items one at a time from the database (unless there is a
> better way).
> My understanding of check boxes is that they are not sent from the
> form unless they are checked.


> Am I making this hard on myself?

Yes.  There's no need to have all the JavaScript and hidden fields.

  <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="newsItem[]" VALUE="Item1"> Item 1<BR>
  <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="newsItem[]" VALUE="Item2"> Item 2<BR>
  <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="newsItem[]" VALUE="Item3"> Item 3<BR>

Notice the naming convention of the HTML checkbox elements!  It's important
to have the square (array) brackets.  Now, when user clicks the submit
button, your PHP script will have a newsItem array that will contain the
VALUEs from above for all those that were checked. (i.e. an array containing
'Item1' and 'Item3' if #1 and 3 were checked).

Now loop through the newsItem array deleting those records, or create a
single query to delete them all at once (off the top of my head, I _think_
something like "DELETE FROM table WHERE Item='Item1' OR Item='Item3'" will

- Darryl

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