Even if you normalize your database design, you must still tell it who owns
the row.  For example, you have a table containing the following columns:
    id     name

You have another table that contains the phone numbers:
    id    name    phone number

In order to connect the rows via a foreign key, you must have the
information in the first table and again in the second table.  Normalization
only seperates repetative data.  If you didn't normalize, your first table
would look something like this:
    id    name    phone number 1    phone number 2    phone number 3 (etc,
etc, etc).

Peter J. Krawetzky
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>No. You need to look at normalizing your database if you have this
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>Subject: [PHP-DB] Multiple rows for one column in a MySQL table?
>Is it possible to have multiple rows for one column of a MySQL databes? and
>if so how would I insert another row into the column in question?
>id        Name        Phone Number
>1        Kev           123123
>2        John          234234
>                          345345
>3       Paul           789789
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