There is no date that was before Jan 4th and on or after March 1st
simultaneously--not even March 27th.  

Today might be a special day to individuals for varying reasons (birthdays,
anniversaries, new jobs, promotions, whatever) but it's not THAT special
that it simultaneously exists in two mutually exclusive sets of dates.

How about "...WHERE startDate >= '2001-03-01' AND startDate < '2001-04-01'"
to pull out all of the March events?


At 06:49 PM 3/27/01 -0600, Paulson, Joseph V. \"Jay\" wrote:
>I'm running MySQL and php and when I run the query below I don't get any
>return rows.  As you can see I search for events that are happening between
>a certain date.  The "startDate" field is type DATE in MySQL and the date in
>the database that should be returned in "2001-03-27" but I'm not getting any
>select * from events where startDate>='2001-03-01' and
>Any help on what I could be doing wrong would be great!
>Jay Paulson
>Developer, Web Technologies
>Viatel, Inc.

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