I have some checkboxes that are generated on the fly that represent a 
person signing up for an activity:

<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"signup[$title_team]\" value=\"$rowID\" unchecked>
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"whichForm\" value=\"sendchk\">";

//On the page this form is submitted to I pick the results up thus:

while(list($key) = each($signup)) {
//Start off SQL query - inserting available values into $table
$query = mysql_query("INSERT INTO $table 
(activity,username,email,signedup4,theDate) VALUES 
                        $list = "<p align=\"center\">";
                        $list .= "<b>'</b>";
                        $list .= "$key";
                        $list .= "<b>'<b><br>"; 
                        $list .= "</p>";
                        $resultText = "<h2 align=\"center\">Thanks $username! Your 
selection has been recorded succesfully!</h2>";

HTWI (Hope That Was Informative) - New FLA (Four Letter Acronym)


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