> I use MySQL 3.22.23 but I just had a hunt about on the web and I found
> a posting that confirmed your findings - I.E: auto_increment starts at
> 1!!
> I stand corrected!

The reasoning behind this a colleague of mine recently informed me of..

When an insert occurs, the new record is given the value of '0'.  The
auto-increment occurs once the insert is complete.

If you use a 0 value in the auto_increment'd field, and you do a table
modification (done this once or twice), you'll find you 0'd field jumped up
to the next auto_increment value.


--MySQL Documentation extract--
An integer column may have the additional attribute AUTO_INCREMENT. When you
insert a value of NULL (recommended) or 0 into an AUTO_INCREMENT column, the
column is set to value+1, where value is the largest value for the column
currently in the table. AUTO_INCREMENT sequences begin with 1. See section
23.4.30 mysql_insert_id(). If you delete the row containing the maximum
value for an AUTO_INCREMENT column, the value will be reused with an ISAM
table but not with a MyISAM table. If you delete all rows in the table with
DELETE FROM table_name (without a WHERE) in AUTOCOMMIT mode, the sequence
starts over for both table types. NOTE: There can be only one AUTO_INCREMENT
column per table, and it must be indexed. MySQL Version 3.23 will also only
work properly if the auto_increment column only has positive values.
Inserting a negative number is regarded as inserting a very large positive
number. This is done to avoid precision problems when numbers 'wrap' over
from positive to negative and also to ensure that one doesn't accidently get
an auto_increment column that contains 0. To make MySQL compatible with some
ODBC applications, you can find the last inserted row with the following

SELECT * from tbl_name WHERE auto_col IS NULL
--End Documentation--: manual_Reference.html#IDX839

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