Gee...all I looked at were the semicolons and the braces (those are what I
mess up on the most).

I guess it's a good thing I mentioned the space in the endif!  It turns out
that if you use that syntax, you cannot have a space there.


At 01:19 PM 3/29/01 +0930, Timothy Aslat wrote:
>Petra wrote:
>> I just subsribed to this list with the hope you can help me.
>We can try
>> echo("<P> Here are all the products in our database: </P>:);  <<<<<<<<
add a " before the ; here
>> // Request the text of all the products
>> $result = mysql_query(
>>         "select * from products");                      !!!!!this is
line 52!!!!!!
>Your problem is the previous line, you are missing a " on the end of it
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