I have been trying to get a new column added to a table (vips) via a PHP
script, but having exhausted all the things I can find, I'm still
struggling. I've referred t TFM for all those who just can't wait to tell me
to do so, and believe my SQL statement is correct:

$NewCol = $Prod_Code;
$defaultvalue = "0.00";
// make usual connection
$conID = mysql_pconnect ("localhost","admin","mek1233");
mysql_select_db("FocusDynamics", $conID);
// set the query
$AddColQuery = "ALTER TABLE vips ADD COLUMN $NewCol";
$result = mysql_query ($AddColQuery,$conID);
// now set the default value for all rows in vips table
$SetDefault = "UPDATE TABLE vips SET $NewCol=$defaultvalue";
$result = mysql_query ($SetDefault,$conID);

It is NOT adding the column, and obviously not setting the default.

Any help would be great, thanks.


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