I'm using PHP4, iODBC & OpenLink for the database connection and
communication.  After installing the iODBC (driver manager) & OpenLink
(driver), fix up the odbc.ini (part of iODBC or OpenLink) and did the
odbctest.  The test passed and it connect the linux to the MS-SQL Server and
I was able to execute the SQL command without a problem.

  Now come the next part, website database connection.  I wrote the script
for the odbc connection, it doesn't work.  I got the error message.

   "Warning: SQL error: [OpenLink][ODBC]RPC: Unknown host, SQL state 08004
in SQLConnect in /home/website/test.php on line 15
Can not connect to DSN: Server --> Test_CMS"

  It look like that PHP can't set the environment variable or put in the
environment variable.  The script I wrote down is ....


  Why does the PHP environment varible doesn't work?  What can I do about


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