The best way ...
regarding to what expectations?

The query doesn't succeed because...
- the host running the mysqldemon died?
- the mysqldemon died?
- your ISP died?
- the hard disk holding the database died?
- the disk holding the database run out of space?
- the disk holding the cache run out of space?
- the result set was to big?
- there was some sort of time out - (imaging all sort of time outs?)
- there was a problem (there will always be problems...)
- there was a bug (imaging all sort of bugs?)
- there was a php syntax error?
- there was a mysql syntax error?
- there was a mixed problem?

You ever heard of 'defensive coding'?

Think: All software is always befuddled with error...

Tell yourself and your audience something about
the problems your application is involved with.
Be friendly to your visitors...
don't : die ("Query failed!");

got it?
Hans-Werner Guth

Jon Haworth wrote:
> What about:
> $sql = "SELECT something FROM table";
> $result = mysql_query($sql) or die ("Query failed!");
> do_something(); //the query has succeeded if we get to this line
> ...snipp...

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