Dear PHP Helpers,

Can you direct me to a solution for this problem:

How can I eliminate bad (blank or incorrect) fields
from a mysql query? In other words, if someone leaves
a form field blank or enters a value that does not
have a matching entry in the database, how can I
eliminate that variable from the query?

The query that I am using now works fine if the user
enters a value in field that exists in the database.
However if a field is left blank or incorrect data is
entered, no results will display on the screen.

Here is the code that I am using:

$result = mysql_query("SELECT salutation, first_name,
mid_name, user_name, cert_deg, job_title, institution,
address_1, address_2, geo_loc, state, zip, country,
phone, fax, e_mail FROM svt_members where first_name
like '$first_name' && user_name like '$user_name' &&
institution like '$institution' && state='$state' &&
country like '$country'", $db);

while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

        printf("Name: <b><font color=\"green\" size=\"5s\">%s
%s %s %s\n<br></b></font>", $myrow["salutation"],
$myrow["first_name"], $myrow["mid_name"],

        printf("Credentials and Degrees: <b><font
color=\"blue\" size=\2\">%s</font></b><br>Job Title:
<b><font color=\"blue\"
<b><font color=\"blue\"
size=\2\">%s<br></font></b>Address: <b><font
color=\"blue\" size=\2\">%s %s<br></font></b>City:
<b><font color=\"blue\" size=\2\">%s</font></b>  
State/Province: <b><font color=\"blue\"
size=\2\">%s<br></font></b>Country: <b><font
color=\"blue\" size=\2\">%s</font></b>   Postal Code:
<b><font color=\"blue\"
size=\2\">%s<br></font></b>Voice: <b><font
color=\"blue\" size=\2\">%s</font></b>   Fax: <b><font
color=\"blue\" size=\2\">%s<br></font></b>E-mail:
<b><font color=\"blue\" size=\2\">%s\n<P></b></font>",
$myrow["cert_deg"], $myrow["job_title"],
$myrow["institution"], $myrow["address_1"],
$myrow["address_2"], $myrow["geo_loc"],
$myrow["state"], $myrow["country"], $myrow["zip"],
$myrow["phone"], $myrow["fax"], $myrow["e_mail"]);

So if (for instance) a user enters data for each field
except institution, how can I get the query to
disregard $institution?

Or if there is a better approach that I should be
using instead of the above, please let me know.

Thank you,


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