This is more an Informix question rather than a PHP question but I hope
someone can help
I've installed the Linux-SE version and CSDK of Informix from
and installation has gone fine including createing the demo DB. I can also
start 'dbaccess' and browse/query the tables so the envvars seem fine.

However, when I endeavour to use the PHP functions, I get an error in
I constantly get the error:
User ()'s password is not correct for the database server.

Note how the username field is empty. What's the procedure for 'logging in'
to the DB? I created the demo DB as a normal user and I've read that the
user auth stuff is done through the operating system.
Using 'dbaccess' to try and connect to the DB as the same user rather then
starting dbaccess in the DB dir causes the same error to occur so it's
obviously something in the setup.

My sqlhosts line is 'demo_se seipcpip        dev     sqlexec'
and the ifx_connect line is 'ifx_connect("stores7@demo_se", "testuser",


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