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> Where can I find user-level documentation for the DB database
> abstraction layer in PEAR? The stuff on www.php.net pointed to from
> http://pear.php.net/ seems to be aimed at developers and I'm not ready
> for that yet (unless someone has saved me some work and has a working DB
> component for IngresII?)
> I'm not sure which database abstraction to use -- there seem to be so
> many. Which seems to be the most mature and/or popular? DB? Metabase?
> others?
> David


The DB class in PEAR is pretty simple to use. I think there's documentation
at <http://www.phpdoc.de/pear/index2.html>.

I've used DB in the past, but since I'm writing a public-use app, I thought
I'd use metabase, since it's DBMS-independent. DB seems to be the more
traditional way of using database abstraction layers (as in Perl DBI and
such); the interface is DBMS independent -- whether the SQL you write is
DBMS-independent is another story. Metabase provides for means for making
your SQL DBMS-independent, so it's really quite another step beyond
traditional database abstraction.

However, you seem to lose /a lot/ of features of whatever DBMS you use if
you use metabase. It supports few data types (domains), and it doesn't
support specifying primary keys or references. I'm trying to see if I can
get by without them.

If you're using an abstraction layer b/c your app may need to be reused with
a different DBMS than you're currently using, metabase may be a good choice;
however, if you're guaranteed you'll always use the same DBMS, I'd use
PEAR's DB. Much simpler.


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