Hi all... I'm having a little problem in converting a site to
spanish, due to - apparently - IE that doesn't like accented words.

I have a db-driven website, of a fairly classical type - texts and
image paths are stored in a DB, and pages are generated thru PHP.

I'm converting this site to spanish language, and I've discovered
that some images link containing accented vowels don't work in IE,
if javascript is involved.

But here is the code (I'm using PHPlib's astraction library, but I
think it's pretty clear):

$db->query("select title, path, path_2 from images_family where


        echo "<H5 class=nomeimg>$titolo</H5>";
        echo "<A class=corpomenu

("$TAGIMMAGINE" contains the html to display the thumbnail
image, and works good).

Now the problem is that when I click on the thumbnail, I get a
"page not found error". But hovering about it with the mouse, I see
the right URL, and if I do a "copy & paste" of it, it works!

this is what I found in the HTML source I generate (and it's correct,

<A class=corpomenu

this is what I see when I hover on the image:

'javascript:openwindow("/img/Servidor de Periféricos19.gif",681,520);

And this seem correct too, but as I said, if I click on it I get a 404.

What can i do to generate a link that IE likes? I've tried not to use
rawurlencode, but nothing changed. NS works fine.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion...


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