What is ...

1) The maximum number of tables in a database?
2) The maximum number of rows and
3) (most importantly) the maximum size of a MySQL MyISAM table ? (3.23.35)


I can find no documentation on this; assuming its atleast 2 bytes; or 65536
tables; this value is if no real concern.


>From what I can gather a key can be up to 500 bytes long (without using
special directives, you can increase this to 1024 bytes...).

Which means a ridiculous number of rows (2^500 ... ). Is that the true
maximum of a row count?


Is this simply limited to the Operating System?? Eg;
FAT16 is what? 512 MBs with 8kb sectors?
FAT32 is 2^32 * 8kb (sectorsize) == 32 Terabytes?? (What about on Win98 as
opposed to W2000? Is Win2000 a 64bit OS in this case?)
What about Redhat on a MIPs machine? (Cobalt RAQ2).

Or are table sizes limited by other things??



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