> 1, I'm not sure what is needed in the Solid lib directory and where I can get the 
>files if
> they're not in the archive I've used to install Solid

You will need library build 123 (I believe thats the number) ONLY if
you're using the version 3.51 version.

> 2, Because there are a number of instructions for various versions of Solid and PHP 
> unsure as to whether I'll need to manually edit any of the source files to get things
> working.

You will need to edit one file in the 4.0.4pl1 files, as far as PHP is
concerned.  You might consider trying the 4.0.5 RC, which already has
this typo corrected.  

You might also be required to correct one of the solid header files, but
I'm unsure if that is needed on Solaris.  On linux based systems the
sqlunix.h file requires changing the line:
#include <wcstr.h>
#include <wchar.h>

Not entirely sure if this will be required for Solaris so you may not
need to worry about this.  Judging from a quick view of the header, it
won't be a problem for you.

> Ideally it'd be good if anyone has a definitive source of information, if not just a 
> idea of where to start would be good.

The mailing list archives and cvs logs are a good source.  The php
documentation is fairly upto date as well.  

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