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> I'd have to definately agree. Avoid NS at all costs. If you want to
be able
> to change your records in about ten minutes go with register.com or
I use
> urlbuyers.com (and register.com but am in the process of moving
everything of
> mine over to consolidate.
> A client registered with NS spent a week trying to move their
domain. I was
> on the phone for atleast an hour trying to get things straight for
him. Not
> much luck. The process is just too involved for what it's worth.
Once you've
> done it though, I think it's a one day affair waiting for the
> and reconfirming.
> "B. van Ouwerkerk" wrote:
> > >I am about to need to re register some domains and i note that
there seem
> > >to be some other registrars, such as domainzoo.com and
godaddy.com offer
> > >much better pricing than network solutions, anybody have any
> > >with other registrars, good or bad?
> >
> > I'm currently working with register.com .. they are pretty good I
> > seems that dotster.com (or is it dotstar.com isn't bad.. not had a
> > to try them..
> >
> > One of my friends had to fight network solutions to transfer his
domain to
> > another ISP.. with register.com it's easy.. They are more working
to gain
> > marketshare than the big old networksolutions.

I have had the same experience on behalf of clients, not once but

I use directNIC

Tim Morris

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