what if i put the if statements inside of another if statement and then set
the $i back to 1.

if ($1 = 4) {
   $display .= "</td><td>";
   $i = 1;

how exactly would i do this, or is it totally wrong?


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hey all,
well, i dont know that a while loop will be my solution, i think that it
may. What i would like to do is to display 4 variables and then create
another column. the toughy is that i an using a series of IF'f inside the

So something like this:

while ($1 < 4) {
   if ($var1 == 1)

       $display .= "<br>variable one is true";
   if ($var2 == 1)

       $display .= "<br>variable two is true";
   if ($var3 == 1)

       $display .= "<br>variable three is true";
   if ($var4 == 1)

       $display .= "<br>variable four is true";
   if ($var5 == 1)

       $display .= "<br>variable five is true";

So ideally instead of getting this (in the browser):

variable one is true
variable two is true
variable three is true
variable four is true
variable five is true

we would see :

variable one is true    |    variable five is true
variable two is true    |
variable three is true  |
variable four is true   |

I know that i need to put int a </td><td> between every fourth variable that
is printed [cuz if they dont equal 1 they do not print anything]

My problem is, i do not know how to get these inserted.  I have about 15
fields so i would like to be able to display them in table cells of 4 or 5

Thank you,


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