> As for a full comparison between the two, I think the bottom line is
> that MySQL is slightly more light-weight, but easier to use and faster
> than PostgreSQL. So if you're looking for a database for a relatively
> noncritical web application, I'd say go with MySQL, especially since
> that's what you already have experience with.

tim perdue recently negated this whole 'speed' argument with the
Sourceforge migration ... if you are planning on having a low-hit-rate web
site, go with MySQL, but as soon as you get into concurrent users, MySQL's
performance drops like a rock ...

See the numbers that Tim ran to compare the two:


> One of the upcoming features in MySQL I'm really looking forward to is
> query caching, which is a great feature for web applications.

Something that PostgreSQL has always done ... glad they are starting to
catch up ...

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