I would like to update two tables at the same time.

Currently I update each one separately, like so,

$qryStr = "INSERT INTO table1 etc....";
odbc_exec($dbConn, $qryStr);

$qryStr = "INSERT INTO table2 etc....";
odbc_exec($dbConn, $qryStr);

Now, the problem there is if the first one passes, but the second fails, if the user 
tries to re-submit, the first now fails because of a primary key clash which is right, 
but then never executes the second one.

This is what I THINK I should do,

$qryStr = "(INSERT INTO table1 ( col1, col2 ) VALUES ( '$val1', '$val2' ) ) AND 
(INSERT INTO table2 ( col1, col2 ) VALUES ( '$val1', '$val2' ) )";
odbc_exec($dbConn, $qryStr);

Any ideas are appreciated... I am not experienced with SQL query precedences, or 
operators, etc...  A good reference for that very thing would be nice.
Thanks in advance,

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