Unix from the ground up, thats a toughie. I work with many flavors of
unix (AIX, HP UX, Solaris, Linux Red Hat primarily) and I can tell you
that there are some significant differences in all of them. There are of
course many similarities as well. If I had to recommend something, I
would say go for a specific book on the OS you need to learn. I
personally started with AIX, wich many consider an odity in the unix
world but I wont get into an OS war here. IBM however, does offer all of
their unix manuals in pdf format as well as a whole other publishing
group which specializes in more specific manuals as well. Thier  readily
available manuals made AIX much easier to learn from the ground up. If
you are truely a "unix newbie", perhaps see if there is one of those
"dummies" titles available for your OS (please, no offense intended).
They can be very basic, but often contain some good starter information.

Larry H.

"Bart A. Verbeek" wrote:
> Hello,
> Interesting discussion...
> I've been fiddling with cron for a while now, but can't get it to work as I
> would.
> Do you know a good website where Unix is explained? I've been looking around
> on the internet but can't find a website that describes Unix from the ground
> up...
> I'm just a beginner and only work with telnet on a remote unix-machine and
> like to know more about the apps on the server, how to check what software
> is installed and so on. Just the basics. I know "man [command]" gets you in
> the manual, but on my telnet-client the man-pages are difficult to read.
> Hope you know some resources.
> mlz
> Bart

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